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How Will I Know If I’m Ready?


During a conversation with a potential patient for the medical weight loss center I work for, she asked, “How do I know I’m ready? I’m scared to death, but I need to do something.”

I thought that was a great question. Change is hard. Really hard. Your, unhealthy habits are like a well-worn T-shirt that’s starting to show wear and really needs to be thrown away, but you just can’t bear to part with it because it’s so comfortable. And truthfully, you’re not sure you’re even able to change. You don’t know where to start.

Your comfort zone is such a cozy place, filled with old friends like chocolate, macaroni and cheese, or ice cream – decadent foods and treats that give your brain a sugar rush (yes, the carbs in mac and cheese turn into sugar in your bloodstream) and make you feel better for a while. But then you crash and crave more. It’s a vicious cycle.

But change doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable. It happens when you’re uncomfortable. When you’ve had enough and know that you NEED to do something, or you’ll never feel good again. I know – I’ve been there.

Eventually you get to that place. That dark place where you look in the mirror or at a photo someone took of you at an event and posted on Facebook, and suddenly see how big you’ve gotten. Photos are like that – they tell the truth. You avoid the camera like the plague because you feel fat and ugly and don’t want to face it. You want to remain invisible, because you hate how you look.

Your feet hurt. Your knees hurt. Your back hurts. Everything hurts. Your clothes have been getting tight, so you go to the next size up you have stashed in your closet that you’ve kept just in case you need them again. You have about 5 sets of various sizes that you’ve been over the years. You sit down to tie your shoes and you’re out of breath because you have this big belly in the way that cuts off your oxygen and you feel like a beached whale. You look down at your feet when standing and can’t see them. You can only see that gut in the way. You can’t cross your legs because they’re too fat.

You sit at a picnic table and secretly worry that if someone else sits next to you, the whole table will tip over. You sit in a camping chair and wonder how close you are to the 250 pound limit, afraid you’ll break it and be embarrassed in front of others. You wonder if the seat belt in the plane seat will fit you. Your kids will ask you to go on a roller coaster ride with them, but you say no because you’re afraid you won’t fit in the seat.

I’ve been in that place and it’s no fun. But there IS hope. You CAN get out of that place. You just have to feel bad enough to want to do something about it. You have to stand up for your Self (yes, I capitalized that on purpose) and know that you need to do whatever it takes to honor the body that you’ve been given and set a good example for your children. You can see they’re starting to follow in your footsteps, and you don’t want that to happen.

You have to get selfish and truly want to make a change. A change for YOU. Not anyone else. You need to take care of YOU, so you can be available and ready to care for others. You can’t take care of your family when you’re not well yourself. I like to use the example of when the flight attendant is giving the pre-flight instructions on how to use the oxygen mask. He/she tells you to put your oxygen mask on first, before you help others. Why? Because you can’t help others if you’re dead. Too harsh? Sometimes you need a wake-up call to realize that it’s time to take action.

When you get to that place, that’s when you know you’re ready. And when you are ready, I’m here to help you. As a Health Coach, I’m your guide. I can help you take the road map of confusion with all of the conflicting information out there about health, wellness, diet and exercise, and help you create a plan that will work for YOU. I have the head lamp, the survival kit, and the map, that will help you reach the destination YOU set for yourself. You just need to take that step and be ready. You need to believe. I’m here to help you get started.

I invite you to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me where we can have a conversation to see if it would be a fit for us to work together. Click on this link to schedule your appointment and let’s explore the possibilities. I look forward to talking to you!


Talk soon,

Chris Kramer,

Health Coach and Weight Loss Specialist

Living Lighter Health Coaching

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