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Why I Don’t Use Only One Company’s Products Anymore

Every day I see posts on Facebook of friends who have started getting healthy using one specific company’s products and having great success. They’re doing it on their own and crushing it! And I’m so proud of them!

But it’s led me to think about what I have to offer that’s different from a certain company’s products. I’ve lost weight by myself using some products. But for me, the weight just didn’t come off and stay off. I always had to try something different after a while. And I started wondering why.

I love Direct Sales companies and the products they promote. It’s a great way for anyone to make a decent living just by recommending products to their friends and family. I use DS (also known as MLM) products every day, and even am a member of a couple of them so I can get their products at a discount.

But I don’t promote any one company anymore.


Because every person is different. There is no single company or product that will work for everybody. I’ve found products from one company that work just as well for some people as those from another.

I’ve found that since I’m a Health Coach first, and have dedicated myself to helping each of my clients individually, I can’t do that by aligning myself with just one company.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on different companies and their products and can refer you to any product or company you like, if that’s what you want. But I encourage you to work with me as a Health Coach first, and let me teach you how to figure out what can work for your individual body. Then we can talk products or companies and I can direct you wherever you’d like to go.

That’s what makes me different. I’m concerned with you and your individual needs rather than just telling you that you should use a certain product. By doing that, I can also help out my friends who DO align themselves with a certain product or company when we figure out what you want to do or try.

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