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Meet Functional Medicine Health Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert: Chris Kramer, CHHC, CNE

I thought I had the answer – how to lose weight and finally keep it off and how to help people do the same thing. I lost a lot of weight (85 pounds!) I was in the best shape of my life. I became a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, worked at a medical weight loss center and everything was going great. I went to school to be a Health Coach and was ready to start helping people.

Except then… things started to fall apart.

When I lost my mom, my health issues started. I needed minor knee surgery, and shortly after the surgery, my right hip started to hurt. I thought it was starting to heal, but when I went back to Tae Kwon Do, I re-injured my knee because I was more focused on my hip. I started to regain a little weight back.  I refocused, started working at the weight loss center and lost it again.

For awhile, my hip was better, but about 18 months later, it had gotten really bad. I had progressed from minor arthritis to bone-on-bone and needed the hip replaced. After my right hip was replaced, the left one started to fail and 5 months later I had that one replaced too.

I was 46 years old with double hip replacement!

A few months after the 2nd hip was replaced, I woke up one morning and all 10 of my fingers were completely numb! I felt defeated and wondered how I was going to “fix” myself. The surgeries put me into menopause at age 47 and I lost all energy to exercise. I was in full adrenal fatigue and my system was completely messed up. I gained 50 pounds back of the 85 I had lost. I lost all confidence in my ability to help others. After all, if I couldn’t help myself, how was I supposed to help others with their health?

It took awhile, but I started feeling better and was able to exercise again. I started school at the School of Applied Functional Medicine and learned a lot about digestion, acid reflux, and how it related to joint issues.

THAT is when The light bulb went off and I got mad!

I had been put on prescription acid reflux medication when I was pregnant with my first child, and never taken off of it. I learned that the medication was likely a big reason for my hip arthritis and vowed to get myself off the meds even against the advice of my doctor. I learned how to do this through my Functional Medicine schooling, and was on the road to better health.

I went gluten free and started seeing a Functional Medicine doctor. I worked HARD on my health and continue to work on it. I feel my struggles were meant for me so I could understand what people are going through right now with their own health.

I now focus on Functional Wellness coaching, Reiki, and Emotional Energy Release. I’m a SHAPE ReClaimed practitioner and am proud to be a part of this Health Restoration program.

It’s not just about weight loss anymore for me. It’s about total health, mind, body and spirit.

And I’m here to help you find yourself and take charge of your own health, so you can live a life you love. On your own terms. In a way that sustains you.

Chris Kramer
ANWCB Board Certified Functional Health Coach
Reiki III Practitioner
Certified Emotional Energy Healer
SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner

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I will never expect you to be perfect. Ever.

I will tell you you’re worth it until you actually believe it.

I will pester you with smiley faces all the time.

I will never tell you that you can’t eat cake, but I will make you own your choices and help you figure out how to eat it in moderation.

As a reformed veggie hater, I will help you love at least some vegetables by teaching you different ways to prepare them how you like them.

I will always help you do what’s right for YOU. Not Sally next door, not me, not your nosy neighbor, not your mother or sister. Just YOU.

I will teach you how to prepare easy meals and snacks that YOU like, but I will also push you to try new foods with an open mind.

I will help you figure out the answer to the age old question, “What’s for dinner?”

I will help you live a life you love – not just one you survive.

I will help you feel lighter in all areas of your life.

I will allow you to show your inner child.

I will not judge you for liking minions, kittens, or unicorns. Oh wait, I like those too! I can’t promise I won’t bug the crap out of you by posting silly Minion meme’s on your Facebook wall.

In my world, humor and sass is an absolute necessity.

Wine is always a fabulous idea!

Fantasizing about peace, quiet, and sleep is totally reasonable. And time by yourself without a kid hanging off your leg or someone telling you what to do.

I will help you find activities you enjoy, like Zumba, walking, or Tae Kwon Do (where else do you get to break things on purpose??)

My customers are my heart. More than anything else, I care about helping you love yourself enough to feed your body good food, but still leave room for wine. And coffee. And chocolate. A girl’s got to have priorities!

It is completely OK to NOT be a fan of The Walking Dead. Or anything having to do with zombies. Ever.

When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who made others feel good about themselves.

And taught them useful things about food, nutrition, and how to love their body for the amazing house it is for their soul.

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